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Juno hand-picks its investments like the majority of providers, but charges a fixed dollar fee rather than a combination of annual fee plus percentage of the investment.

—NZ Herald

Pie Funds recently launched its KiwiSaver offer, Juno, which is free for young people up to 18. This solves the problem of fees eating away at a balance.


Victoria Harris is one of New Zealand’s up-and-coming fund managers and her message is clear: more women need to move into finance and change this picture.

—Nadia Magazine
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Juno KiwiSaver is offering what it calls a ‘Netflix-style’ monthly subscription model, calculated on the customer’s level of investment.


The scheme’s fee structure is its main point of difference.

NZ Herald Stuff Nadia Idealog Interest awke's Bay Today Moneyhub
NZ Herald Stuff Nadia Idealog Interest awke's Bay Today Moneyhub

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Unique Pricing Model

Our fees are based on a monthly subscription model, think Netflix or Spotify.

This structure is like no other in the industry. We only charge one, low, monthly fee based on your balance and we don't take a percentage of your overall investment.

JUNO PRICINGFree for under 18s


JUNO KiwiSaver Funds

Our experienced investment team is in your corner, committed to growing your KiwiSaver investment and delivering a fantastic result.

Our aim is to provide you with above-average investment returns by building a portfolio of hand-picked investments.





Creating Investors

Understand Your Investment

The best thing about KiwiSaver is it makes you an investor. JUNO's aim is to keep you updated and informed about your investment and what we're investing your money in.

We take environmental, social and governance matters into account when investing in companies.

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Social Good

The JUNO Difference

We've seen how others do it and we're proud to offer something more, something amazing. 

The JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme approach combines three philosophies about social good for our members and the community.

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