No hidden fees

With most other providers, you’ll pay two, three, or even four different types of fees... and they're usually percentage based. Ouch! But at JUNO, we only charge one fixed monthly fee, based on the size of your KiwiSaver balance and it’s one of the lowest around.

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JUNO Fee Structure

Earn more with active management

Our investment team actively manages your money, to help protect it during market ups and downs. It's a win-win!

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JUNO Growth Fund vs Market index

Backed by Pie Funds

Pie Funds launched JUNO so everyone could benefit from their specialised active investment success and great track record. JUNO may be new, but we’re run by the award-winning Pie Funds team, who have been managing Kiwis’ money since 2007. Here are some of Pie Funds’ awards and ratings.

What people are saying


JUNO KiwiSaver offers investors fixed-fee flexibility with actively managed funds aiming to beat the market.


JUNO hand picks its investments like the majority of providers, but charges a fixed dollar fee rather than a combination of annual fee plus percentage of the investment.


Their funds are actively managed, with experienced fund managers focused on generating good returns.