The Founders

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Mike Taylor

Believing he could outperform the others, Mike founded Pie Funds in 2007 – a startup with just a handful of clients. A decade on, his trusted company manages over $1 billion for thousands of Kiwis.

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Jacqueline Taylor

A registered teacher, education is her jam. When she started JUNO magazine in 2014, Jacqueline wanted to break down the stereotypes surrounding the investment industry and make it more exciting and accessible to all.

The Product

Jacqueline and Mike combined the talents of their teams and launched a KiwiSaver scheme like no other.

Our vision is a product helping to put more money in your pocket and helping you understand your investment.

The team is dynamic and work hard to bring you the best KiwiSaver scheme in New Zealand.

The Investment Team

Head of Investments

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Paul Gregory

Paul was a member of the executive team at the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and, before that, worked in the investments team at the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. At JUNO he leads the investment team, and takes responsibility for considering environmental, social and governance impacts when choosing investments. He also works on investor education and communication.

Fund Managers

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Mark Devcich

Mark is a CFA charter holder and has been managing investment opportunities for nearly a decade. He's so passionate about investment that he started his career at Pie Funds by offering to work for free! He aims to leave no stone unturned when he's doing investment research.

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Victoria Harris

Vic is a rising star in the investment community, with eight years’ experience, and is an advocate for women in financial services. She focuses on growth and tech companies and is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance matters in her investment decisions.


We’re not disrupting the market, we’re creating a new one.


Social Good

We’ve seen how the others do it and we’re proud to offer something more, something amazing.

Because JUNO KiwiSaver isn’t just about profits – it’s also about empowering our communities, and improving financial literacy.

We also consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters when we invest.

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Whats in a Name?

We named JUNO for the ancient ‘protectress of funds’ – Juno Moneta. It was in her temple that Roman coins were minted, and it’s from her surname that we now have words like ‘money’ and ‘monetary’ in the English language.

The JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme aims to protect your funds – just as Juno herself once did.

Why Switch?

The JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme has lower fees, and aims to outperform the market to help grow your KiwiSaver balance.

We also provide resources to help improve financial literacy.

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