Balanced Fund

The JUNO Balanced Fund seeks to provide you with steady capital growth, averaging 5-10% annually after fees and tax, over five to 10 years. 

This fund might suit you if you have a medium or longer timeframe to invest.

balanced mix

  • ESG
    We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters when we invest
    We invest where we are confident a company will deliver the returns we expect, without too much risk
  • Growth
    We look for high-quality, attractively priced companies with good management and growth prospects 
  • 5-10% target return
    The average expected annual return for the fund, net of fees and tax, for its recommended investment period

Fund Performance

JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme returns at 30 June 2020

JUNO Balanced Fund at 30 June 2020

Market Index


1 year


Market Index


Since inception* (p.a)

Returns are before fees and assume a PIR of 28% (the highest PIR).

Inception date is 1st August 2018.

How do fees affect your return? *

Balance Return after fees and taxes for the 12 months to 30/06/2020

What Am I Investing In?

The fund invests in various asset types; mostly equities (e.g. shares) and cash. The fund also invests in international fixed interest (e.g. bonds). Its equities (e.g. shares) exposure is from investing in the JUNO Growth Fund. 

Over time, the expected balance of cash and other investments in the JUNO Balanced Fund is 60:40 growth and income, respectively.


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