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Do I pay less if my balance decreases?

Yes, our fee structure means this can happen. Your fees are based on your balance and if it moves down – or, hopefully, up – enough, you’ll pay a lower or higher fee, if you enter a new fee range.

However, whatever your balance, the fee is low relative to that balance and low compared to what other KiwiSaver providers charge for the same balance.

How safe is my money with JUNO?

Your KiwiSaver investment will be looked after by experienced and qualified fund managers at Pie Funds Management. We’re a registered KiwiSaver provider helping to protect your savings and working hard to grow them.  

However, the money is not physically at Pie Funds. It’s held by a custodian who makes the investments on instruction from Pie Funds.

Can I switch my existing KiwiSaver account to JUNO?

Yes. Switching to JUNO is an easy online process and should only take a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve completed the online application, we manage the process of transferring your KiwiSaver balance across to JUNO. This can take up to 35 days.

Are you ready to switch? Click here

Make sure you know your IRD number and have a photo ID handy, such as your passport or driver’s licence. If you apply using a mobile, you can take a photo of your photo ID within the application process.


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