One low fee only

Most other providers charge multiple fees, and they’re usually percentage based. This can eat into your hard-earned balance. We reckon high fees are a real rip-off! That’s why we have one simple low fee.

*Comparing JUNO’s fixed monthly fee of $5.00, versus the industry average of $21.72 per month for a KiwiSaver balance of $20,000 in a Growth fund, as set out on Sorted’s Fund Finder – last reviewed 28th August 2020.

Our fee structure


For under 18s or
balances under $5k


For balances
$5k – under $25k


For balances
$25k – under $50k


For balances
$50k – under $100k


For balances
$100k – $1 million*


* Balances over $1 million will be charged $100 a month for every million invested.