Overpaying in KiwiSaver fees?

JUNO's fixed fees, compared to the four big banks

All those KiwiSaver fees add up!

Big banks don't always mean big value - especially when it comes to what you're paying in fees.

At JUNO, we offer one low fixed monthly fee (based on your balance size) which together with our active returns (real humans to help protect & manage your money) can help generate great outcomes for our members.

Image represents JUNO’s fee versus the big 4 banks for the 12 months to 31 March 2021. Morningstar does not rank all KiwiSaver providers. Fees are based on a balance of $20,000 in a Growth Fund (close to the average KiwiSaver balance – 2020 FMA Annual Survey). Our fees vary with balance size. Banks’ fees are converted to a dollar-based monthly fee for comparison purposes: Click here for more information.

Our fee structure

Members aged
under 13


Members aged
between 13 and 17
OR balances
under $5k


Balances $5k
to under $15k


Balances $15k
to under $25k


Balances $25k
to under $50k


Balances $50k
to under $75k


Balances $75k
to under $100k


Balances $100k
to under $200k *


*After which you
will be charged
an extra $30 per
month for every
additional $100k
invested (e.g. if
you have a balance
of $200k you will
be charged $90 +
$30 ($120) per month)

Annual Member Statement

3 reasons you’ll love JUNO

Low monthly fees

One low fixed monthly fee based on the size of your balance. Paying low fees helps grow your KiwiSaver balance, and means there’s more money to benefit from returns.

Active fund management

Real humans making investment decisions to help grow and protect your KiwiSaver returns.

You & money

Your relationship with money is an important part of being able to reach your financial goals. Explore our learning library and money personalities to get money-savvy!