We’ve had a huge year at the JUNO KiwiSaver scheme and we’re happy you’ve joined us for the ride! Let’s look back to some of our highlights during 2019.


  • Did you kno­­w we now have more than 5,000 members? In the past year, an average of 10 people a day joined JUNO! And about 1,600 of them are children, who won’t pay any fees until they’re 18 years old – that’s our commitment to helping young Kiwis.
  • Nearly 80% of our members have chosen to be in the JUNO Growth Fund. This fund is designed to have strong returns over a long-term investment journey.
  • And we’re thrilled with how the JUNO Growth Fund is performing – check out our performance.
  • JUNO now has $100 million of its members’ money under management – that’s a lot of your hard-earned money working for you.
  • This year, we gave away $108,000 to one lucky Kiwi, with our good friends at More FM. The campaign was to raise awareness of how fees can eat into your KiwiSaver balance. A total of 18,600 of you entered from all around the country. The happy winner was John from Northland.
  • After the campaign, More FM radio host Jay-Jay Feeney announced she’d switched to JUNO, too!
  • We now have 14 JUNO staff members, including an amazing customer service team answering your calls, texts, emails and live chat requests.
  • There’s now a Facebook community group where Kiwis can share ideas, tips and info, join it now!
  • The JUNO First-Home Buyer’s Guide was a fantastic success, joining our other educational guides, Your Guide to KiwiSaver, The KiwiSaver Guide for Employers, plus a Guide to KiwiSaver in te reo Maori.
  • This year, the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme website has seen a growing number of visitors. In the past year, 223,077 of you have visited junokiwisaver.co.nz
  • Our calculators were a hit, too! A total of 21,290 people used our fees calculator this year to work out how much more they could be saving with JUNO.
  • And 4,682 people used the retirement savings calculator to work out what their KiwiSaver balance could be when they turn 65.

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Published 11 December 2019

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