On a budget this Christmas? We’ve collected our favourite homemade gifts which don’t cost much to make – but still look amazing! 

Once you’re feeling inspired, head online to find the perfect low-cost recipe.

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Keep that food tasty for longer

Everyone’s all about the no-plastic life, so reusable food wraps made from beeswax are a fantastic gift. They’re easy to make, and last well. Get a few friends around and have a workshop.

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Nothing nutty about this idea

Who doesn’t love a good scroggin mix, or chocolate selection? Put your loved one’s favourite mix into a cute jar and decorate it. Practical and no waste! This is also great for tea-lovers, make your own tea-leaf mix.

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The perfect beauty product

Sugar scrubs are great for dry skin and you can tailor the scent to your loved one’s preferences. It’s such a practical gift and will add a sense of beauty-spa luxury to the bathroom.

Get creative with spices

A spice mix is a great gift for crafty cooks. What about a jerk chicken spice mix, or a meat spice, perfect for the barbecue season. Most dried spices and herbs are affordable, so find a recipe online and get started. Just watch the expiry date on spices, some expire quickly and lose their flavour.

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Let your creativity grow

Anyone who’s a keen cook will appreciate a mini-herb garden. Replant seedlings into cute pots perfect for a kitchen windowsill. If your loved one has a bit more space, try a tomato vine or perhaps strawberries.

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Get cooking!

Homemade jam and preserves are all the rage , so pick a seasonal fruit or vegetable that’s cheap and abundant, and get cooking! There are heaps of creative recipes online – try branching out from the usual tomato chutney and do something with a difference, perhaps lemon honey. Make in bulk if you have lots of people to cater for.

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Dig into this great idea

Cactus or other easy-to-manage pot plants are perfect for an office desk or a bedroom. Pick a low--maintenance one if your loved one isn’t particularly green-fingered. These are great as house-warming gifts too! Get creative with a cute pot. 

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Published 2 November 2018

Story by Claire Connell, JUNO

All content is correct at time of publication date. This article is general in nature only and has not taken into account any particular person’s objectives or circumstances. Before relying on it, we recommend you speak with a financial adviser.