It’s official, 2020 is here.

People have long since associated the new year with the opportunity of new beginnings. There’s a sense of satisfaction we get from closing the book on the previous year, and starting fresh on a brand-new page!


New Year’s resolutions are different for everyone, whether they be around relationships, healthy eating, doing more exercise – the list goes on. But have you thought about what your financial New Year’s resolutions for 2020 are?

Well, lucky for you, the team at JUNO have come up with 11 financial resolutions for the New Year to help you shape up your finances, and make it easier to reach your goals.

1. Put a plan in place to reduce any bad debt, for example, credit cards or high cost debt such as payday loans. An out-of-control credit card balance could hinder your financial future.

2. Focus on savings. Aim to put away 5-10 per cent of your income into an untouchable savings account. Set a budget, and stick to it!


3. Use all those loyalty and club cards. They’re there for a reason, and they can save you a lot of money.

4. See a financial adviser to get help setting your goals. Check out for a list of Institute of Financial Advisers members in New Zealand.

5. Check your KiwiSaver account. Are you happy with your KiwiSaver provider and what you’re paying in fees? Get clued up on your KiwiSaver and if you’re in the right fund. If there are things making you unhappy or nervous, speak to your provider about it. Your KiwiSaver balance could be one of your biggest assets come retirement.

6. Check your credit score on to find out where you’re at. Too high a credit card limit could hamper your mortgage borrowing power.

7. The New Year is a great time to review your mortgage. Should you fix your interest rate, or float? Check out the latest rates on If you’re breaking a fixed-rate mortgage, you can estimate your break fee there too.

financial plan-4.jpg

8. Do you have a good mix of investments? If you’ve only invested in property, maybe it’s time to mix it up with some shares, or other investments. Diversifying is key to helping reduce your risk – so don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help.

9. De-clutter, then do a big Trade Me sale of all the stuff you’ve been holding onto, but never use. It’s an easy way to make a quick buck!

10. Think about how you can save money in the kitchen. Plan out your meals, then go to the supermarket with a list, and stick to it! Start bringing your own lunch to work, and take a look at how much bought coffee you’re buying. There are big cost savings to be made!

packed lunch.jpg

11. Check out all the money-saving tips on the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme website. We have heaps of great ideas from the experts to help you reach your money goals in 2020.

Good luck for all your goals in 2020!

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Published December 2019

Pie Funds Management Limited is the issuer of the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme. You can read our Product Disclosure Statement here. This article is general in nature only and has not taken into account any particular person’s objectives or circumstances. Before relying on it, we recommend you speak with a financial adviser. All content is correct at time of publication date.