With KiwiSaver, you can do great things for your staff.

A KiwiSaver account will probably be your employees’ largest investment other than if they own their own home. They can have a better future, by delaying spending today to save for tomorrow.

KiwiSaver can also help make your team’s lives better, by boosting their broader financial knowledge. You could start conversations about money, budgeting and debt, avoiding scams, and how to use financial products and services to get ahead in life.

Research shows employees worried about money will be more stressed, less productive, and more likely to be sick or absent.

JUNO can help you change that.

The JUNO Difference

Experienced fund managers focused on good returns and active management

Smart Investing

Focus on financial education in plain English

Learn with JUNO

Low fee structure you’ll understand - and love and no fees for kids or balances under $5,000

See our Pricing

100% Kiwi owned and operated - all our staff work in New Zealand

The Kiwi touch

Real humans looking after your money in a sustainable way

ESG Policies

Innovative digital website and a dedicated customer support team

2-minute switch

As an employer, you’re not expected to be a KiwiSaver expert. By choosing the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme, your business can lean on our specialist knowledge.

Benefits for Employers

Low Fees

Employees who are new to KiwiSaver with a zero balance won’t be charged fees. Employees who have low balances, potentially low-income earners or those who struggle to contribute, will not be charged fees until their balance reaches $5,000

Learn with JUNO

We can visit your workplace to help build the financial skills of your employees. The JUNO team includes a registered teacher, who can design appropriate programmes for your employees, with specific, credible educational objectives

Real Humans

Real humans looking after your employees’ money in a responsible, sustainable way and a Relationship Manager to help with any KiwiSaver enquiries. Dedicated client services team to help your staff with technical KiwiSaver questions.

Does having a preferred KiwiSaver provider make an employer liable...

If the scheme fails
No. Employers who select a KiwiSaver scheme for their employees as an employer-chosen scheme will not be liable if the scheme fails.

For giving financial advice when you're not registered to give it?
No. Employers passing on information to their employees about KiwiSaver, or choosing a KiwiSaver scheme for employees who don't choose their own, doesn't count as giving advice. Employers are not liable as promoters or investment providers under the investment advisers as securities legislation.

How to Choose JUNO as your preferred KiwiSaver Provider


We let Inland Revenue know. You don’t have to do anything. You’ll hear from Inland Revenue when they have set your business up as a preferred provider – this can take up to two weeks.


Once it’s all official, the JUNO team will send you information packs to give to your new employees.

Fees with JUNO vs Industry Average*

*For KiwiSaver balance of $20,000. Based on average annual growth fund fee Sorted Fund Finder - last reviewed 1st April 2020


Unique Pricing Model

Our fees are based on a monthly subscription model, think Netflix or Spotify.

This structure is like no other in the industry. We only charge one, low, monthly fee based on your balance and we don't take a percentage of your overall investment.


These returns assume a PIR of 28% (the highest PIR) and are shown before fees.

For further information on our market indices, please refer to our Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). Indices are shown in NZD.

JUNO Growth Fund at 30 June 2020

Market Index


1 year


Market Index


Since inception* (p.a)

Returns are before fees and assume a PIR of 28% (the highest PIR).

Inception date is 1st August 2018.

Our Team

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Want to know anything else?

If you have any questions about JUNO, or KiwiSaver in general, then feel free to submit a question below or call our friendly client service team on 0800 JUNO KS.


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