We encourage members to save and watch their savings grow. The longer your money’s invested, the greater chance you have of reaching your goals. But some Kiwis will reach retirement better off than others.

As a KiwiSaver provider we want to do what we can to make sure all Kiwis arrive at retirement on equal footing.

That’s why we’ve introduced the JUNO Baby Bonus.

We’ll waive your KiwiSaver fees for a year if you’re a new parent – whether you’re in paid work or not.

Terms and conditions apply


The new addition you've been waiting for!

Your journey is just beginning. Don't put your retirement savings on hold while you're changing nappies.

Your savings can still grow even when you're not working. Offering no fees for kids and anyone with balances under $5k is one of the ways we can help members start their own savings journey. Now we want to extend this to members who are about to have a baby.

Terms and conditions apply



How to apply


If you are already a JUNO member, you can skip this step.

Apply for JUNO Baby Bonus through your Online Member Portal *

You will need to provide one of the following:

Your Paid Parental Leave approval (IR880)
Birth certificate
Adoption Papers


Why did we do this?

Recent studies by J. Curtin and Y. Huang, Auckland University’s Public Policy Institute show twice as many Kiwi women than men are reaching retirement in poverty. The Statistics New Zealand Income Survey (August 2019) stated that the gender pay gap is 9.3 per cent, meaning women are contributing less to their KiwiSaver account over their working lives. Plus, women are more likely than men to take time out of paid work to raise children.

*The tiny details

Once we approve your application, your fee waiver will start from the date the application is approved. This may take a few days to process.

Only one primary caregiver is eligible to apply for the JUNO Baby Bonus per child. You can apply for the JUNO Baby Bonus each time you have a new addition to the family – whether by birth or adoption.

You can apply at any stage of your
pregnancy or up to six months after your new addition joins your family.

For more information on the JUNO KiwiSaver
Scheme, you can view the Product Disclosure Statement here

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