Your KiwiSaver balance could be $108k bigger with JUNO!

Thanks to everyone around New Zealand that entered our $108k Pay Day with More FM - and congrats to our winner, John Pelasio from Northland who just had the biggest pay day of his life ($108,538.00 to be exact)!

But don’t worry – just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the cash.

$108k is how much bigger your KiwiSaver balance could be if you switch to JUNO.*

We have worked out that $108k is how much EXTRA money an average New Zealander* could be saving, on top of their existing KiwiSaver balance. The extra comes because we take less money out of your account for fees, which means there is more left to benefit from returns.

*We’ve based this on a 30-year-old, earning $60,000, with a starting KiwiSaver balance of $24,000.

At 65 your balance could be $108,000 bigger if you switch to JUNO. Check out our online fee saving calculator to see how much more you could be saving with JUNO - you might be surprised!

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What People Are Saying About Us

They use an active investing strategy, where a fund manager actively makes decisions about where to invest the scheme’s money, with the aim to outperform the market

—Money King

It is clear that JUNO cares about plain language and about giving citizens information in clear, accessible ways!

—Plain English Awards

Many KiwiSaver fund managers take a bite of any market-beating returns - JUNO KiwiSaver does not


The scheme’s fee structure is its main point of difference.


Juno KiwiSaver is offering what it calls a ‘Netflix-style’ monthly subscription model, calculated on the customer’s level of investment.


Victoria Harris is one of New Zealand’s up-and-coming fund managers and her message is clear: more women need to move into finance and change this picture.

—Nadia Magazine

Juno hand-picks its investments like the majority of providers, but charges a fixed dollar fee rather than a combination of annual fee plus percentage of the investment.

—NZ Herald
NZ Herald Nadia Idealog Interest Moneyhub Money King Plain English Awards

You'll pay less with JUNO

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Industry Average
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What about performance?

When it comes to choosing the right KiwiSaver provider, you need to do your research on both fees and performance! It’s what you get in return after fees that matters most. 

We’re proud to say that JUNO Growth has been named the top-ranking KiwiSaver growth fund, in the FundSource results, for the past 12 months. We came first out of 35 other KiwiSaver Growth funds!* 

We’re pleased to have got off to a good start – and it shows you can get good returns even if you’re paying low fees with JUNO. 

*Based on FundSource results for the 12 months to 31 August 2019. Figures are before tax. Other providers’ figures are after fees, but ours are before, due to our monthly fixed fees. But because JUNO has low fees, this wouldn’t make a difference to our placing because it’s almost 2% ahead of second place.

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