JUNO’s $108k Pay Day with More FM


How would your life change if you won NZ$108,000 cash?

We’ve partnered with More FM to give one lucky New Zealander the chance to win this cash. $108k is how much bigger your KiwiSaver balance could be if you switch to JUNO .

Why 108k? 

We have worked out that $108k is how much EXTRA KiwiSaver money the average New Zealander could be saving, on top of their existing balance. The extra comes because we take less money out of your account for our fees, which means there is more left to benefit from returns.* 

We’ve based this on a 30-year-old, earning $60,000, with a starting KiwiSaver balance of $19,000. At 65 your balance could be $108,000 bigger if you switch to JUNO.

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You could save up to

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with the JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme

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